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Tongs under spring tension. Remove tong clip carefully while holding tongs shut. Do not allow tongs to snap open!

Thank you for choosing GUTTER SENSE™ the revolutionary new gutter tool that makes rain gutter cleaning a safe, simple, quick and easy task. Your tool is fully warranted against defects for 1 year and properly cared for should provide many years of service.


Screw socket firmly onto extension pole of the proper length to reach gutter. Do not twist body of tool to tighten! Adjust socket angle so base of paddles run flush along bottom of gutter. Wrap pull-line around hand so you can pull it while supporting pole with both hands. Keep pole perpendicular to gutter while standing far enough away from wall to be clear of falling debris.

GUTTER SENSE™ is designed for gutters with supports spaced at least 16 inches apart. If you encounter closer spaced supports, partially close tongs before lowering the tool into gutter. Those having gutters with external supports can skip the following. Lower tongs part way into gutter and move tool left or right until outside surface of tong bumps into gutter support. If inside of tong contacts support, lift tool over it to avoid grasping it and continue to locate support with outside surface of tong. Now lower tool into debris and pull cord to gather. Lift tool out of gutter while maintaining tension on rope and release debris where you want it to fall. Reenter same space, locate opposite support and repeat process, then move on to next space.

If you want to collect debris, a plastic sheet spread on the ground is handy. Residue tends to collect by downspouts during a rain. Check around downspouts from time to time after a rainfall to keep gutters running free all season long - it only takes a few minutes.

Tongs may be angled forward to grasp out of reach lightweight objects.


Be sure to use a pole long enough to be able to reach the gutter while holding the pole with both hands (base of pole about mid-body).  Do not use GUTTER SENSE™ from a ladder because both hands are required to operate the tool.  GUTTER SENSE™ is built light to handle well on a long pole.  Use care not to apply excessive angular force to the tongs that could break your tool.  So avoid dropping it, whipping the pole trying to dislodge trapped debris, forcing the tongs down into hard packed debris, yanking or twisting during use.  Two story use requires extra care owing to the longer pole.  Practice on a lower gutter first if possible.   Do not cycle the tool rapidly in quick succession.  This can cause excessive heat on the monofilament line which can damage the plastic redirect points.  Lubricate the monofilament line as needed only with plastic safe synthetic grease (PAO or Poly Alpha Olefin based grease works best Silicone grease will also work). Do not use excessive force on pull line or attempt to pick up heavy objects. Tongs may be rinsed with water. Wear safety goggles and be extremely careful when working near electric lines! Metal extension poles can kill upon contact with electrical lines! Be sure to tighten angle adjustment nut after adjusting. Keep safely stored away from small children. GUTTER SENSE™ is not for use by people with neck problems. Second story use requires more effort to control a long extension pole and may not be practical for certain individuals. Additional rope is required for two-story use. Use the same or smaller size rope.  Heavy rope will interfere with the spring balance.  This tool is not intended for gutters that are inaccessible from the ground. 

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