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QUESTIONS? 847-639-1420

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faq_2.gif (4985 bytes)      ADVANTAGES at a glance:

Eliminates ladder climbing & moving Remote handling means no messy, smelly, scratched or cut hands Lightweight usable to two stories 14" grasp Cleans under supports Tongs run flat even if pole is slightly canted You choose pole length Doubles as pickup tool with tongs forward Low cost Easy adjustment for landscape obstacles No water Tongs angled for easy access  



Imagine a rain gutter cleaning tool that makes gutter maintenance easy from the ground, fits on an ordinary extension pole, is light enough to reach a two story gutter, grasps even pine needles, cleans beneath the supports and doesn't get you or the woodwork wet or blow the mess all over.  Homeowners have wished for such a gutter cleaner for a half-century.  Well now its here!  Adjust the tongs forward and you can use it to grasp out-of-reach  objects.

ORDER YOURS TODAY $24.95 plus $6.50 for shipping and handling ($31.45) total) anywhere in the USA. Illinois residents add $1.75 State Sales Tax ($33.20 total). Packaged with 12 Ft. of rope (pole not included). Shipping for 2-4 $8.50. Poles available at most any Hardware Store, Home Improvement Center or Paint store. 

TO ORDER: Send check or money order payable to: Segal Mfg., Inc. with a shipping address to: Segal Mfg., Inc., P.O. Box 231, Fox River Grove, IL 60021 and get off the roof and put away that ladder.  Tools usually ship next day by US Mail (1st. Class) 0r...

RETURNS: Thank you for choosing GUTTER SENSEô, the revolutionary gutter cleaning tool that makes gutter maintenance a safe, fast and easy task.  Not happy with your purchase from us?  Just return your GUTTER SENSE™ within 30 days for a complete refund (less shipping) of your purchase price. Tools broken or damaged by user will not be accepted for refunds! See cautions on Instructions page.

Mail2162.gif (4196 bytes) webmaster@guttersense.com

Clamshell Card & Instructions



March 2010

Today I received an inspiring Email from Virginia Sissom of Bastrop Texas and she was kind enough to give me permission to include it here

We love using our Gutter Sense tool! Prior to getting one, my husband was cleaning our gutters the old way....with a ladder and hand tools.  The last time he used this method, the ladder base skidded out away from the house, while he was way at the top of it. He held on for dear life, but down he and the ladder went with a thud onto the wooden deck. He blames our dog for leaning against it and making it slide. Blue did look guilty!
Anyway, one Emergency Room visit for head and body cuts and trauma from falling hard onto the deck....and we knew there had to be a better way to clean those pesky pine needles from the gutters!  I found the Gutter Sense tool in a mail order catalog. It looked well designed, and I liked the fact that no ladder climbing was involved. So we ordered it.  Wow! Works great! Thanks for making such a great tool!  Happy Customers in Bastrop, Texas



September 2009

About Gutter Sense Reviews

The other day I decided to look at what people were saying on the Internet about the Gutter Sense tool.  There were a lot of positive comments but a few criticisms that kind of surprised me.  I use the tool myself and canít imagine a more simple effective means of maintaining my gutters so it was a bit disconcerting especially when it was obvious a couple of the critical comments were disingenuous made by someone trying to push another product.  Of course often more negative reviews get published since satisfied people generally just take it for granted that they got something that did what it was supposed to.  Since Gutter Sense is a serious injury preventing tool I felt I should try to set the record straight.  

At this point Iíve sold more than 20,000 Gutter Sense tools.  Early on I got a few reports of breakage (about 1 in 200). After we added ribbing and changed to impact modified glass filled Nylon in July of 07, the incidence of reported breakage has dropped to about 1 in 1000 - 2000 which is pretty remarkable.  Better instructions may have contributed to that.  There is a learning curve Ė it takes a little practice to get used to navigating the gutter supports, usually a couple of cleanings and then things speed up.  Iím so used to it I can clean my 75 feet of 1-1/2 story gutters in about fifteen minutes at a moderate fill level.  Its been at least a year and a half since anyone contacted me in any way to criticize the tool.  But in the few years the tool has been available Iíve collected dozens of positive testimonials.  I havenít published them because I respect peopleís privacy.  If you want to hear some of them I wouldnít mind reading some to you but without dropping any names.  You can call me during the day at 847-639-1420.

Every tool has its limitations.  So does Gutter Sense.  If you have gutters full of cement-like debris built up for years and two-foot trees growing out of them using Gutter Sense is going to be a slow go.  For that I tell people to use a bent metal rod or heavy wire taped to their pole to loosen it up first.  Then use the Gutter Sense tool to maintain your gutters more frequently so they donít get that way.  An unusually narrow gutter or one blocked by excessive shingle overhang can cause access problems for the 2-1/2 inch paddles.  For this you can grind down the forward edge of the paddles to make them narrower (blows the warranty though).  We offer a 30 day trial period during which customers may return an undamaged tool for a refund (less shipping).  In the last couple of years Iíve received probably a half dozen back usually because the customer lacked arm strength, had unusually narrow gutters or it was given as a gift that the recipient didnít need or care to use.  To get so few returns I think really says it all for how well Gutter Sense has performed.

Bob Segal, Pres.




A thank you goes out to Christina Breda Antoniades and the Washington Post for helping to spread the word about Gutter Sense with their write-up in the Sunday Source section on the 23rd of Dec. 2007. 


JULY 2007

I'm not one to rest on laurels, always keeping an eye out for ways of improving Gutter Sense.  As a result for July 2007 I'm announcing an improvement to this nifty device.  Gutter Sense just got tougher.  It's now being constructed of a stronger plastic, impact modified glass filled Nylon that increases the break strength of the tool by about 1/3.  To go with it is a new abrasion resistant factory lubricated monofilament line (re-lubricate with any plastic-safe grease as needed to prevent wear). 

Bob Segal, Pres.



Oct. 2005

We are honored to announce that HGTV has selected Gutter Senseô to appear on its nationally broadcast show "I Want That!" episode HIWT - 210.  Scheduled air times are Nov. 2, 8:30 PM ET/PT, Nov. 3, 12:30 AM ET/PT, Nov. 6, 1:00 PM ET/PT, Nov. 6, 9:00 PM ET/PT and Nov. 7, 1:00 AM ET/PT (check the HGTV website for any changes). 




Every now and then I get a nice testimonial from a Gutter Sense user and recently this one came in from John of  Forest Grove, OR.  He was kind enough to let me post it.

Hello again! Last fall we bought two Gutter Sense units and love them.  In fact, we are such a believer in the product, we decided to help one of our good friends live longer by getting him off of his ladder and gave him one of our Gutter Sense units.  He loves it.  He deals mostly with Fir tree needles and he says it does a pretty good job at getting most of them out of the gutter.  We use ours for Oak tree leaves and it does an excellent job.

Bob, you have a great product! I absolutely hate to climb up on ladders, especially when dealing with a two story house.  I can now clean all my gutters from the ground and in 1/8th of the time than when using a ladder!  With the 500 year old Oak tree in our back yard, the Gutter Sense is a dream come true in the fall!  I would like to order another unit from you.  I have enclosed a check.... 

Thanks again for a great product!


Jan 2004

After only one year on the market thousands of Gutter Sense tools have been sold and as with most new products, bugs show up.  We are committed to turning out the finest product possible and improve Gutter Sense as we become aware of problems.  New Gutter Sense tools sport additional reinforcing for socket and body parts and the string trimmer line has been upgraded to a high quality (100 lb test) more supple deep sea fishing monofilament for better flex in cold weather.  Recently we received a few reports of the monofilament line cutting into the tong plastic when users were pulling very hard on the pull rope such as while cleaning heavily impacted gutters.  We conducted a thorough examination of this problem and solved it by replacing the Glass Filled Polycarbonate used to make the tongs with Glass Filled Acetal.  The better wear and lubricity characteristics of Acetal has minimized wear while the other physical characteristics of the part remain relatively unchanged or improved (e.g. better oil resistance).  We thank Those Gutter Sense owners who have been kind enough to provide the feedback that has helped us to refine this most needed and beneficial product  and hope they will continue to let us hear from them whatever their comments pro or con.  The best solution to safe and easy remote cleaning of rain gutters is now better then ever.  Thanks for your support! 

Bob Segal, President 


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